Center of Excellence for Innovation in Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities


Mission of CIAHSC

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development funded 2.5 million to establish this Research Center of Excellence for Innovation in Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities (CIAHSC).  The CIAHSC involves core strategic partners: University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Marquette University (MU) and Morgan State University (MSU). And engage with industrial and community partners, such as the City of Greensboro, the American Planning Association, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Greensboro, and Community Housing Solutions. The CIAHSC’s research focuses on affordable housing, senior citizens, quality homes, vacant buildings, sustainable communities, and post-disaster recovery. The CIAHSC proposes to quarterly bring Thought leaders on the issues under study in our center and have a Think Tank to produce policies and White Papers that will be disseminated to cities, communities, and other mission-oriented agencies that work in underserved communities. The CIAHSC plans to have workshops and conferences that will target the stakeholders in the underserved communities, city and community government, and academia. Ultimately, the CIAHSC's goal is to influence local and national policy changes that would move underserved communities into deserving and healthy communities characterized with accessible and affordable healthy homes, healthy senior citizen homes, vibrant economies, and safe environments.

Kickoff Meeting Nov. 9, 2023 with Project Team and HUD Grant Officers

Research Projects

Project Titles 

Project Leads

Property Façade Inspection and Maintenance Using Drone and AI for the Development of Sustainable Communities

Dr. Yong Bai, Marquette University 

Research Project 4

Collapse Risk Index: Measuring Lifecycle of Vacant Building Structures to Predict Likelihood of Collapse. 

Dr. Tonya Sanders, Morgan State University

Research Project 5

Enhance Resilience Capacity for Disadvantaged Communities and Tribes in the Midwest Region through Promoting Post-disaster Recovery Effectiveness in Social Equity and Economic Development. 

Dr. Zhenghong Tang, University of Nebraska-Lincoln



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